The Legend Riders

The Legend Riders is an exciting series of fantasy adventure books for children and young adults. All three books are available in paperback and Kindle format. Clicking the titles below will take you straight to Amazon to make a purchase.

The Wing Warrior
In a world where magic has been banned, and the legendary creatures of old are nothing more than memories, an ancient and evil force has returned.
In the shadow of this terror, a young boy called Nimbus sets in motion a chain of events that arouses a leviathan from its slumber and awakens an even more sinister power within his eight-year-old sister.

But Nimbus’s problems don’t end there: his family is falling apart, his best friend has developed a nasty streak of jealousy, and he is about to discover just how difficult it is to become a hero when you’re dead.
The Unicorn Rider
Nimbus has taken the first steps to becoming a Wing Warrior; but his problems are only just beginning. Glass is losing control of the magical energies coursing through her body, and Nimbus must quest into the realms of the dead to find a unicorn, the only thing that can save his sister’s life.
But there are powerful enemies who want the unicorn for their own reasons: The necromancer, Crow; the all-seeing cyclops, Carnelian; and the immortal Vampyr. And while Nimbus walks the path between life and death, his best friend Tidal chooses to take a dark path of his own.
There is danger on all sides, and this time Nimbus won’t have his father, his friends, or his dragon to help him…
The Sky Knight
The necromancer, Crow, has unleashed the full power of his army, and as the realm is torn apart by war, Nimbus must prepare himself to complete the bargain he made with the Vampyr: he must take Crow’s life.

But Nimbus is about to make a terrible mistake. He is about to underestimate the depth of an old friend’s jealousy. And when the Wing Warrior goes missing, it is left to the villagers of Landmark to make a desperate last stand in the face of insurmountable odds.