Sunday, 17 February 2013

Get The Unicorn Rider Free

The Unicorn Rider is the second book in The Legend Riders Trilogy, an exciting fantasy series for children and young adults.

I am pleased to announce that from Wednesday 20 February 2013 until Sunday 24 February 2014, you will be able to download a copy of the The Unicorn Rider for your Kindle ABSOLUTELY FREE.

That's right; for five whole days, you can get the entire book for free from Amazon. Here are the links:

For the UK, head to
For the US, head to
The Unicorn Rider - Book Two of The Legend Riders
Nimbus has taken his first steps to becoming a Wing Warrior; but his problems are only just beginning. Glass is losing control of the magical energies coursing through her body, and Nimbus must quest into the realms of the dead to find a unicorn, the only thing that can save his sister’s life.

But there are powerful enemies who want the unicorn for their own reasons: The necromancer, Crow; the all-seeing cyclops, Carnelian; and the immortal Vampyr. And while Nimbus walks the path between life and death, his best friend Tidal chooses to take a dark path of his own.

There is danger on all sides, and this time Nimbus won’t have his father, his friends, or his dragon to help him...

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